Gray Noir

GRAY NOIR is finally here. A project that spend years in the making. An Idea, that was born nearly half a decade ago by Nico, former vocalist of WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH / THE OCEAN and Christoph, bassist of JENNIFER ROSTOCK.
An output, that is channeling all of the rage that is created by what we know as post millenial everyday life. A wake up call for a sick world.

After several Line Up changes Berlin based Nico and Christoph teamed up with Alex, founder and co-owner of Bavaria’s famous GHOST CITY Recording Studios, who took over the guitar and brought in Andy and Mickl to complete the furious five.

This band doesn’t need to fit in any musical corset. Nor any Scene or other Boundaries. GRAY NOIR is pure. GRAY NOIR is impulsive. GRAY NOIR is really pissed. Their first self titled EP will hit your face in 2018.