Power Plush

Emancipatory power meets emphatic plush - Four people from Chemnitz, Germany, take the space they need to give us what we need. Their mission: To turn love into music, because they love music and vomit out emotions so that we can feel what they have vomited out. Sounds gross, but it's beautiful.
Power Plush - This is three front women, like the Powerpuffgirls with different characters: The punky one, the dreamy one and the one who is always the rock. Only that they perform on behalf of indie-pop-rock, or as they would call it, " power-plush-pop" and are greatly supported by drummer Nino. Since Anja (bass), Maria (guitar) and Svenja (guitar) not only share the main vocals, but also each of them writes songs that are then completed together in the rehearsal room, a diverse and individual sound with everything it takes and a lot of wonderful harmonies from polyphonic singing, constantly in the balancing act to hit the sweet spot between strength and softness.

The fact that the four have found together is no coincidence but rather typical for the city of Chemnitz: You get to know each other and support themselves to just do it! So in summer 2019, when a matchmaking action of the haze circle Bikini Kommando and BLOND led to the formation of the band and was completed a year later with Nino. Almost logically, their debut EP "Vomiting Emotions" is being released this fall on Beton Klunker Tonträger, the label of the band BLOND. The band recorded five power-plush songs together with producer Mario Šimić in the legendary Power-Plush-Studios in Chemnitz-Nord. Insiders report that the recordings should have taken only two weeks, paparazzi caught parts of the band with candy mouth.

At the few concerts the band has been able to play so far, it has convinced with its intoxicating energy and refreshing honesty. It is no coincidence that support shows for Leoniden and Rikas already followed. In this respect, the debut EP "Vomiting Emotions" can confidently be considered a harbinger for future indie anthems on the bigger stages and festivals. Already the first three songs "Let's Not Pretend", "Homesick" and "Never" show the potential they have and spark the desire for more.

Forming a band in pandemic times is not exactly a safe bank, but security ultimately remains illusion and so Power Plush sing "I wanna do something cool" on their first single release "Smth Cool" to describe their state of mind amid uncertainties and confusions. After all, what could be cooler than an indie pop rock band from Chemnitz?