Music as a direct means of expressing emotions - that is the goal of MOODINIES.

Together the duo consisting of Mark Moody (Keys) and Nicholas Stampf (Drums) is constantly searching for a kind of music to bring this ideal to life. Through their blind trust in each other they realized that this is the most direct way to convey energy and emotions to the audience.

Unfortunately, MOODINIES are experiencing a strong trend towards short-livedness, which of course also affects the music industry.  Hits only aim for quick success and lose their sustainability. Classical music and jazz are becoming more and more abstract  and thus deliberately exclude a large part of the audience. MOODINIES oppose this development in order to create music for everyone. The music is on the one hand easily accessible and understandable, but on the other hand it holds complex depths for every music enthusiast. Like Mozart's 'Kleine Nachtmusik', Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or 'Für Elise'. Only more 2022.

The first EP by MOODINIES will be released throughout the first half of 2022.
GENERAL REQUESTS: Aaron Tsangaris / Lucas Pentzek