Disco Ensemble

New Record Coming January 27th
Once upon a time, Disco Ensemble used to be punk, but only until the rest of that scene learned that the band wouldn’t submit to the more orthodox tenets of the community. They weren’t hardcore enough for the hardcore crowd, not straight-edge enough for the straight-edge clientele and not „true“ enough for whoever gets to decide that. „Nobody really understood what we were about“, says Miikka. „Which made us the mutants we are today.“ Not that he ever came to regret that. Then again, Disco Ensemble are still very much of the punk persuasion, for example in the way they approach their music. The new album Afterlife followed a year-long hiatus after a much needed break and the anniversary tour of their now classic First Aid Kit LP. Why return now? „Because it was time for a new record and everybody in the band was feeling it. To be back in the studio felt like a high school reunion. All of a sudden we turned into the people we used to be then. And I believe this is what helps us stay true to ourselves.“
Booking Agent:
Fullsteam Toni Ritonen

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Fullsteam Niko Kangas

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